Love Makes Me Strong!


•My name is Michelle
•I <3 my family and friends
•I graduate from Bachelor in Fine Arts!
•I love Anime & Manga
•I <3 J & K-pop, Photography, Music and Dancing
•I <3 2ne1, Big Bang and 嵐!
•Sakurai Sho=platonic love *o*
•I'm gettin' into the Cosplay world
•I'm still finding myself as an artist
•I want to be a famous mangaka
•I am a kid at <3 still~ (in size too =P)

Where "Kawaii" is derived from


Hello dearies! So this time, I’ll be posting about two new friends of mine, who defines the word “kawaii” in so many ways~ I met them at the Doll Glam Beauty event and was just mesmerized by how they took Tokyo Fashion to the next level. Most Filipinos have a hard time…


WINNER - Empty @ 140921 SBS Inkigayo!